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Light Capital Group is a full services financial firm that provides high net worth individuals and institutional clients with comprehensive and personalized investment management expertise. Founded by Erik Pica with over 25 years of financial services and wealth management experience.

Our investment approach is built on identifying each client unique objectives and establishing a customized investment plan to meet them. We address each critical step in the investment management process including: goal setting and risk/return profiling; asset allocation modeling and execution; investment selection, monitoring and reporting. We work with you to develop the foundation for a long-term strategy designed to meet your specific investment needs.

Our first step is to gather as much information as possible about you, your personal profile, profession and family. Next is to gather information on your overall financial picture -your investment experience – in the past, present and of course your future goals and requirements. What are your short and long term investment objectives? What are your current and future cash flow needs? What is your comfort level with respect to risk and yield? The answers to these fundamental questions provide the primary building blocks for professionally and responsibly managing your assets.

Light Capital Group works with you through every step of the process in an open and transparent way. We review and analyze the information gathered, and together with you create a plan in line with your stated goals and objectives. These plans can be changed at anytime to meet your changing financial needs, opportunities and any life changing events.

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